As much as utilizing health insurance can make services accessible, it comes with a cost to your privacy, our time, and the content & direction of what we can cover in sessions. It also requires me to give you a mental health diagnosis and document how and why our session was "medically necessary". This information will then be in your medical records permanently and accessible to both insurers and other providers. Each claim submitted has the potential to be denied or audited at any time. There is a growing trend to question treatment regarding gender by special review process prior to processing a claim. And some only allow for 45 minute session length. Telehealth has been added as a legitimate modality due to COVID-19, however, some states have already chosen not to renew this type of coverage for plans that did not previously include it. An insurance company can end telehealth coverage at any time and does not have to notify either of us leaving the cost as patient responsibility.

I have been selective as to which carriers I contract with but this has changed over the last few years due to their gatekeeping of marginalized communities and provider reimbursement. Current insurers I am in-network with: Premera, Lifewise, First Choice, Cigna, and Kaiser. For all others, I can provide you with a Superbill to submit for the chance to claim out-of-network reimbursement if your policy includes that coverage.

Individual sessions

$150 per 55 minutes.

$135 per 45 minutes


$150 hourly rate plus any transportation costs.

Material fees are additional as they are customized per need. 1 hour minimum.


Joey Pickering, MA LMHC

Telehealth/Video mental health support. Monday through Wednesday; by appointment only.

Privacy Practices


jpickeringLMHC at gmail . com

Seattle, WA